We are Mike, Heather, Joshua, and Addy, and we live in Lake County, Illinois, just north of Chicago.

This blog is for us, to keep track of family events especially while the kids are so little and cute. We know this time goes by too quickly! And though we are not “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ (uh…thank GOD!), we believe we deserve to have a media record of our family for our own memories.

This blog is also for you – our family, friends, and the general public. We hope our adventures entertain you, teach you something, or just make you giggle.

So welcome to our little “life log” on the Web. We hope you enjoy our stories, pictures, and videos. Stay as long as you’d like (this is something you’d NEVER hear Mike say at our house), and come back often!

- the chicagoactons

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