From the Heart of Snowpocalypse 2011 – Chicago Edition

by heatheracton on February 1, 2011

I thought I would give an update to all of our family that is NOT experiencing this once in a lifetime storm in Chicago right now. It is actually very exciting to be half way through storm that will drop 18″-24″ of snow in our area over a 16 hour period. Who wouldn’t be excited about a snowstorm that comes with thunder and lightning? It doesn’t get much cooler than that! As long as we don’t lose power, I hope to maintain this calm level of excitement and enjoy the time stuck in the house with everyone tomorrow.

Mike’s site is closed tomorrow as are most businesses in the area. Travel is pretty much impossible at this point, as visibility is down to .2 miles with 50 mph winds blowing 12″ of the snow that has fallen so far. The famous Lake Shore Drive downtown is closed, as traffic came to a standstill and many drivers started to abandon their vehicles. All shelters are open to those without tonight, and the city has also opened all police stations, fire departments, and libraries for the same folks. 1300 flights are cancelled out of O’Hare and the airlines aren’t expecting to resume flights until Wednesday afternoon. Chicago Public Schools are closing for a snow day for the first time since 1999. When it is all said and done, this will be the worst storm Chicago has seen since 1979.

We started our hunker down with baking chocolate chip cookies and letting the kids stay up until 9:30. We will find out tomorrow if that was a mistake or not! They think the storm is the “lizard” so every time a wind gust blows they say, “Oh! It’s the lizard!” I stopped correcting them with “blizzard” after about the 10th “Oh!” Both kid a do have a cough/cold right now, so a forced day in will probably do us good as long as they don’t get any worse. Tomorrow we plan to play trains, set up a new racetrack for Joshua, do some stamping, and probably watch some movies. I do hope to get out somewhere tomorrow night. We don’t go too often 24 hours without leaving the house. If nothing else, I’m sure we will get out and play in our winter wonderland!

I did try to take some pictures and video but don’t quite have the equipment to see through white out conditions, but you can see some cool pictures of the storm at this link: Enjoy!

  • Karen Wood

    Hi, from Milton, Florida! I’m Janet’s friend from her Jazzercise class and we have lunch just about every Tuesday. Yesterday, she invited me to look at your website to see all the snow and, of course, the photos of Joshua and Addison . They are precious and it looks like you all are having a lot of fun! It’s c-o-l-d here this morning and they are talking about snow this evening just north of here in Alabama. Take care.

    Karen Wood

    • heatheracton

      Hi Karen! Glad you enjoyed the video & the pics of the kids! It is fun, but I have to say that we will welcome Spring when it comes =) Thanks for coming to the site! -Heather

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