Going Back in Time with the ChicagoActons – Pensacola, July 2010

by heatheracton on October 3, 2010

Hi again all! Two posts in one week – can you even believe it?

Nothing fancy, but I did want to share some pictures from our trip to Pensacola this summer. We made the 16 hour road trip with the two kids in a rented Jeep Cherokee. It actually went pretty smooth! (At least that’s how I choose to remember it 3 months later!)

The Johnsons and Aunt Martha met us there and we got lots of time to visit and do some Pensacola adventures together, like Sam’s Fun City water park , the Wildlife Refuge , the Naval Air Museum , and a Fourth of July celebration. We even got to eat at some of my favorite places, like Jerry’s Cajun Cafe , Fish House , McGuire’s , and Mom Acton’s kitchen, of course!

And, we got to celebrate both Janet’s and Michael’s birthdays together while we were in town. That doesn’t happen often!

Mike got to see Jimmy and Tessa, and we all had a wonderful lunch out with Thad, his fiance, and her beautiful daughters.

I think we both feel like we made the most of our time there. Can’t wait ’til next year!

Enjoy the pictures!

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